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Celebrating a Music and its lifestyle CBJC 6th Anniversary
Contact: Alma Carroll
Brooklyn, NY (CBJC) October, 2005 –On October 29th 2005 at the Herbert Von king Arts and Cultural Center in Brooklyn, t he members of CBJC; musicians, vocalists, poets, churches, and community organization will walk attendees through a synopsis of the life style that was, is and will be jazz. Long recognized as America’s classical music, the genre is credited with over a century of existence and the Central Brooklyn Area has played a vital role in its success. , Scheduled from 1-5pm, "Jazz, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" is a free concert that will feature songstress Evelyn Blakey, first born of jazz legend Art Blakey, of the Jazz Messengers who was also a founder of the Hard-Bop era; Patsy Grant, Sandi O, Bob Cunningham, and Wayne Winston of NS Productions, A CBJC sponsored Youth ensemble,. There will also be a variety of other activities including a fashion presentation by Brooklyn designers, dance and comedy.
This event will showcase the jazz legends of our community as well as launch CBJC’s proposed “JAZZ HALL OF FAME!” Building Fund. Open to the public, the concert will showcase the various aspects of “jazz to the community”. We speak of “JAZZ” as “America’s indigenous music”, come out and partake of the heritage, wonders, and lifestyle and understand its true scope. Apart from traditional jazz vocalist and musicians there will be poetry, dance, art, fashion Comedy and even calypso acts. The CBJC’s has a directive to document the broader jazz lifestyle that came of age in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s
“Jazz has a tradition of community, many of the leaders of the civil rights movement were and are jazz enthusiasts, such as Martin Luther King Jesse Jackson and Adam Clayton Powell ” quotes Alma Carroll Widow of jazz singer Joe Carroll.
Since 1999, each year, starting with February, Black History month, CBJC has presented a remarkable program of live jazz performances, lectures and other events. CBJC programs pay homage to jazz greats, acknowledge the contribution of women artists, wives and family members, and acknowledge Brooklyn's jazz shrines, such as The Blue Coronet and Tony's Grand Dean. Founded by Jazzpazazz’s Alma Carroll, Viola Plummer of Sista's Place, the late Torrie McCartney, and Sam Pinn, 966 Jazz Program, CBJC is under the leadership of Jitu Weusi educator/cultural activist. The organization represents an ideal with more than thirty member organization representing every sector of the Central Brooklyn community, including the private and public sector, houses of worship, coffee shops, clubs, civic and fraternal groups and artists. One of Brooklyn's most respected nonprofit cultural organizations, CBJC sponsors include Council Member Albert Vann, Council Member Tish James, Assemblywoman Annette Robinson, Assemblyman Roger Green, the Yamaha Corporation of America and the more than thirty member organizations
"You are invited to have a remarkable musical and cultural afternoon, while supporting the continuation of community building in Central Brooklyn," stated event chair, Alma Carroll. "Jazz, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" special sponsors include Julius Spiegel, Borough Parks Commissioner, Our Time Press and the Brooklyn Free Press. CBJC hopes to establish a physical location to house these greats and their rich legacy. The process involves securing a suitable location as well as the collection of memorabilia, and stories. CBJC chair and board invites cordially you to come out in support of this cause. Those wishing to make contributions please call the CBJC offices @ 1-718-875-1016

Jazz, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow " on October 29th at Von King Cultural Arts Center in the heart of Central Brooklyn, is proof positive, that the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium is succeeding in its effort of preserving and promoting the legacy of Jazz.

For additional information visit CBJC office @ 1-718-875-1016

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium is a 501(c) 3, charitable entity, registered with the State of New York. CBJC events are sponsored in part by Councilman Albert Vann; Assemblywoman Annette Robinson; Assemblywoman Tish James; Assemblyman Roger Green; The Yamaha Corporation of America; the BAM Local Development Corp.; Sugarhill Restaurant Supper Club & Disco; Restoration Center for Arts & Culture; The Daily Challenge; BCAT; Brooklyn Department of Parks; Ulysses Kilgore; JP Morgan Chase; Our Time Press; and the members of the CBJC.

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Jazzpazazz Preservation Society
was founded over 35 years ago , by the late jazz singer Joe Carroll and his wife Alma. Incorporated in 2001, as a not-for profit corporation, the organization sponsors various cultural and educational projects associated with jazz, including the development of a Brooklyn Jazz Archive. The organization is also recognized as tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service and a charitable entity by the office of the New York State Attorney General.

With a mission to
Expand Existing Educational and Cultural Opportunities for Artistic Appreciation

To maximize the ability to attract scarce funding resources for the purpose of promoting educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for the public; particularly that segment of the population characterized as socially or economically disadvantaged. To seek efficient and meaningful ways to enhance and expand programming and performing venues for the public's enjoyment and understanding of jazz as a unique, American, art form.

Community Cultural/Tourist Promotion and Related Economic Development Activities
Working in conjunction with community-based not-for-profit organizations the Jazzpazazz Preservation Society seeks to complement its primary role by participating in related cultural enrichment activities including concert, production, hosting seminars and workshops and attracting tourists to Central Brooklyn . Additional benefits include implementation of joint public relations strategies and publication of promotional materials.

Broadening the understanding of what constitutes ‘Jazz” and the preservation of it’s legacy.

Jazzpazazz strives to play an major role in educating the Central Brooklyn community with respect to the cultural importance of jazz and its noted performers. What normarmally refers to the music was in fact a lifestyle that permeated in the 1940’s and 50’s. Dance, Comedy Poetry, Art, Politics. All were intwined in the day to day lifes of the people.In 2003 Jazzpazazzazz undertook to fully embrace this mission, with the Artist Mosaic project. Recently added emphasisi has been placed on documenting the is legacy from the people who lived it!.

Jazzpazazz, assisted by other local Brooklyn-based music organizations, has staged the Billie Holliday Jazz Festival as well as tributes to Eubie Blake and other noted Brooklyn based jazz musicians. Performances by former colleagues of "Lady Day" and other renowned musicians such as vocalists Jimmy Scott, Etta Jones, and Irene Reid, saxophonist Houston Person, and organist Gloria Coleman the Festivals have succeeded in providing meaningful cultural outlets for the citizens of Central Brooklyn and New York and fostering a greater public appreciation of jazz. This year Ms Alma Carrol celebrates 50 yrs in community service to the borough of Brooklyn.

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Jazzpazazz Preservation Society inc

Jazzpazazz Preservation Society Inc
23 Pulaski Street
New York, 11206
was started by Alma Carrol and her late husband
Jazz singer
Joe Carroll , "The man with a happy Sound!"
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